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YOURS0010 the new waves t-shirt situation


the vision of what we wanted to give you was that of the deep and monumental t-shirt that the prototype displays. what happened after that is a bit unclear but the guys at the factory must have felt a sudden urge to express themselves artistically because when we received them, they had glaring colours and an 80's touch rather than the depth and timelessness that the artwork requires. instead of what we wished for and they promised us, they sent us a little reminder of never ever to place things you care about in hands of other people.


our immediate impulse was to throw them away, make new perfect ones and never think of the t-shirt failure again. something stopped us, though, and as some days passed, the situation transformed and from the panic, pity and repulsion emerged affection. as a monument over naivety, honesty and neo success, the product now filled a purpose maybe greater than the one we had in mind! we decided to keep the picture of the prototype as an ideal but of course also add a picture of the spectacle version that is now up for sale. the two pictures display the gap between dreams and visions touched and untouched by the mechanisms of the spectacle.

finally, with a little boring distance, we have to say that the spectacle version is quite fabulous, just not exactly in the way we thought it would be. the situaition it created, in its turn, is as striking as the vision that preceded it. we’re sure that you’ll be as happy as we are about the transformation of the product.


due to the situation, we give the ones who preordered YOURS0010 the right to a full refund if wanted. this is because YOURS0010 no longer is the product initially ordered. please see this approach as the mockery of the corporate world that it is.





SY may 2006

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