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YOURS0014 classic jeans jacket


we felt that this fall required a classic jeans jacket. ‘cause how else could we pretend that we’re on our way to the first school day of 6th grade? how else could we steal apples and plums from gardens filled with yellow leaves and covered pools? what else should we wear on our way home from the last dip of the year?

this jacket is conditioned for a soft finish but absolutely not treated to look worn. if you want it that way we suggest you wear it for some months. it has a subtle and classy SY-identifier and for those of you who like the world we are happy to announce that it’s made out of 100% organic cotton. this means that cotton seeds haven’t been genetically modified or treated with pesticides or fungicides. the farmers rely on natural processes such as seasonal freezes, rather than the application of chemical defoliants. from growth through harvesting, the process is monitored according to a set of organic growing standards adopted by governmental bodies including the U.S. department of agriculture and the european Union.

the Sincerely Yours garments always combine class and comfort. high-quality fabrics and finest craftsmanship guarantee your satisfaction and exclusivity. our tailored products are traditionally made but always with the future in mind.

two S, two M and two L





SY september 2006

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