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YOURS0015 the escape


the escape as a process had been going on for quite a while before we recognised it. we felt it vaguely (a bit like being swept away slowly by a warm and soothing summer breeze while you’re trying hard to stay focused) but didn't realise its extent until some weeks ago.


there were no intentions, no plan, no tactics, except for the opposite maybe. it just happened. so, does it favour us, does it take us anywhere, you may ask yourself. well, we don’t know and we couldn’t really care less. it was most likely inevitable and that is something we always salute.


it doesn’t matter if it’s YOURS0015, if you swallow a little something with your friends, if your government is looking for you and you have to go to Costa Rica for a while or if you simply have to get away from your desk at the office to get some air. you don’t necessarily go forward but sometimes you have to escape sideways to find the way ahead.


regardless of what it is it's just temporary though. we’re already on our way back to take our place at your service, right…about…now.








SY sometime 2006

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