YOURS0016 escaping your ambitions


cd by TTA

the sound of YOURS0015 and an escape in itself. the "difficult second album" laughs all the way out to the lagoon and you're very welcome on board. we all know what they’re gonna think though: “aha, enya / nature music is the thing now”. cause how could they know that it’s the other way around; TTA never was and never will be "the thing".

listen as carefully as you can, again and again, or you may miss out on the most tender form of ecstasy that there is.

the art of getting into deep waters with a smile on ones face.

setting sail

leg 1
leg 2
leg 3
leg 4
leg 5
echoes of a wreck
leg 6
leg 7
leg 8
leg 9
the lagoon



SY september 2006