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YOURS0018 - the my space situation


due to common sense and a desperate longing for reality we've never liked the concept of my space, one of the spectacles latest figures. it's basically a hierarchial system of advertizing, cheap as in every meaning of the word. obviously we never wanted to see anyone we care about in this pop whorehouse begging you to enter their "space" and be their "friends". especially not TTA.

we never thought we'd have to display or explain this repulsion but as we now have a situation, we feel that we have to participate. it has come to our attention that TTA have been drugged and dressed up and are held in a little shed somewhere on the world wide web, free for anyone to consume. since we can't think of any motive for such an action, we wonder if it could be the good old spectacle just showing off. maybe it just couldn't stand to see TTA challenging it's principles of simplicity, dissemblance, accessibility and conformity? maybe it just wanted to put them in their place? far away from the reality we demand.

however, someone must have acted on its orders and as our request for this someone to knock it off remains ignored we have no choice but to put a price on its identity. the price is the sold out YOURS0016. lucky hunt!

to be continued...

SY november 2006

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