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YOURS0032 here comes the future

cd by the honeydrips

the golden boy of sincerely yours invites you into his chockingly charming world of wonderings, teaching you the art of romanticizing a troubled mind with a smile on your face. this cd weaves it's way through pop history and takes the best plums with it into the future. we're not gonna degrade it by dropping any specific brilliances, it's a 34 minutes and 30 seconds god damn highlight we're dealing with here. micke shows us that you can do whatever you want if you just posess some self-distance, confidence and good taste.

the strangest dream
trying something new
fall from a height
(lack of) love will tear us apart
i wouldn't know what to do
wait for the grief to come
the walk
here comes the future
it was a sunny summer day
in some distant future


14 € / 130 kr 





SY march 2007


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