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afraid you told someone about us


MP3 by air france


so here it is at last, after a number of more or less funny adventures, the long awaited and lovely version of au revoir simones sad song. since their label in UK found it too "curious" and we found it pointless discussing with people whose frames of references remind us of our parents, we decided to keep it to ourselves in the HQ and cherish and take care of it forever. like a little pet that we love and want to show off but couldn't expose to all the dangers of the world.

yesterday we received an e-mail though, which told us that it could be downloaded from some server on the www... we don't know how this happened but suspect that it has something to do with one of the air france members (damn it Joel!) losing his mp3-cd case in the gothenburg night this weekend. yeah yeah, what are you gonna do? besides congratulate you on the privilege of getting to know our cute little friend?





SY april 2007

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