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YOURS0045 A New Chance


white vinyl by TTA


There are those, let’s call them the cold-hearted, who want to abolish the second serve in tennis. They claim that the serve specialists are about to kill the “white sport” and that the entertaining duels on the slow red clay in France are to be preferred to the hyper-fast tennis played on grass at Wimbledon.
But – and here is where I turn to you, cold-hearted ones – tennis is not just simple entertainment. Not just a racket duel of game, set and match with accompanying polite applause. There are different levels of tennis and what you think is a second serve – and nothing but a second serve - has since the dawn of the game in 1847 even been used as a metaphor for what we in our everyday lives call a second serve. And who finds in his heart to say no to he – may it be your opponent, your friend or your beloved darling – who falls to his knees and begs for a second chance? Precisely, and that is why I, with my cheeks flushing, get the information that TTA, my dearest tennis comrades from Gothenburg, has named their new album something as enchanting as A New Chance. They mean that “any day is a new chance, a new romance”, and that we are worth “something special, something real” and by doing so emphasise – with these lovely lines – what incurable romantics they really are.

Honestly, I struggle to keep the tears from my eyes when I realise that these sound as hopeful as a flight to the stark white Caribbean sands. How they moan as they hit a winning forehand in a final on the centre court at Roland Garros. And how they – if somebody ruled out the first serve The New School or the second serve Escaping Your Ambitions – hereby kill all compromises by hitting eight dazzlingly beautiful aces with the third serve.


Nicolas Escudé, May 2007


something special
first class riot
a new chance
the last dance
looking for gold
neo violence
1981 -






SY may 2007


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