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YOURS0079 a master of ceremonies


cd by joel alme


a guy who sold the first song he ever wrote to fanta will have you down on your knees proposing to life before the summer is here. he will do this with a voice making horace andy sound like a robot and with melodies stolen from the most beautiful of dreams. He will make you feel like you're taking an early stroll across a summer meadow, on your way to someone you really really like. it might cause your heart to ache and it might not be uncomplicated, but it will surely make you feel that some things are really for real - beyond the distracting illusion made up of rules, opinions, codes, information, commodities and feelings often referred to as the reality. joel will make your life feel the way you imagined it would be when you were the most romantic, long before "reality" made you cold, hard and cynical. he will make you feel like putting your most elegant clothes on and act as nobly as you possibly can. damn it, he will probably even make you want something as cliche but awesome as to live in the here and now. besides that he's really strong, he used to play a lot of ice hockey.



in your arms

the queen's corner

always on my mind

when the moon shakes

so used to be saved 
i never said i was brave

a young summer's youth

the seven islands


15 € - 140 kr





SY April 2008

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