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YOURS0143 höstvisa

mp3 by the honeydrips 

The Honeydrips is no more


Sometime, somewhere, someone will pick up a record called Here comes the future by The Honeydrips. This person will not quite know what to expect. This person will listen in headphones. Not one minute into the opener "The strangest dream", this person will be stuck. Some 34 minutes later, when "In some distant future" has closed the circle, this person's heart will be speeding. I know this because I have been this person myself.



"Höstvisa" is a song written by Tove Jansson and Erna Tauro. One of the most beautiful songs I know. In my version, I sing over a recording of Tomas Blank conducting Göteborgs Symfonietta. (I am nothing more than a karaoke singer with no respect for copyright laws.)


This is the last release by The Honeydrips. "Höstvisa" completes the discography. I've said everything I wanted to say.


Please accept "Höstvisa" as a farewell gift. Listen to it and cherish it. Listen to "Åh, Karolin" and "Hejdå Karolin". Listen to "Every Time" from the I wouldn't know what to do single. And listen to Here comes the future. It's a fantastic album, you just haven't listened to it carefully enough.




Thank you for your time. The Honeydrips is no more. Now hurry up and love.


/Mikael Carlsson, The Honeydrips





SY 2010



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