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YOURS0146 love(the-dream)king 

video and mp3 by sail a whale


[L to the O 
V to the E 
K to the I 
N to the G]


[You don't know me like that
You should know me like that]


We begin with love.
This concept does not leave much room, despite appearances, for chitchat, or for declaration.  Without the experience of mingled bodies, without these tangible riots of colour and mitigated multiplicities, we had long failed to distinguish life from death. The misunderstanding wherein death resembles glory, where life is only happy in the tomb... 


Stone statue comes to life, lit from within. Invisible traces over our naked skins. Loving a body, that rare special thing; no other volume on the surface of the planet has more value. Love confuses us; two chambers pouring together. Here we, perhaps futilely, put life into stone.
This is an art of love. 





SY August 2010

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