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YOURS0149 the truest whale 

video and mp3 by sail a whale


"the truest whale, the truest rounded mandorla, the shape of sunshine and piercing thought; firm but soft, moving with certainty through the oceans. Incarnated here, tiresias foretells of all we are too dull and unwatchful to see, the blind seer; the impious interrupter of natural rites, a holy man of double gender; through the eyes of woman, once man, four sets of eyes, all blinded but sharpened, through him we have taken all the risks of interruption. foretell how all versions repeat after one another. all suspended, all former intermediaries in flight,  we simply ask – what transcendence?
your voice clear on the phone, we would hallucinate that you were waiting for us, we would run toward you on the platform, we would have done everything so as not to fall.


- slwhl"

with our friends at acéphale records





SY July 2010

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