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YOURS0179 Vi


we love that we get the chance to create (who doesn't?)
we love that our love kills hate (you know it too)
we love that we get the privilege to breathe (in different paces, all the time)
we love working on midsummers eve (and every other day this world keeps coming up with)
we love buying material from a purveyor to the royal household in our own little neighborhood (so special!)
we love to paint 10 different creatures from ten different worlds in 10 different dvd frames in too many colours! (oh, how unique)
we love to write the same old story on that really nice thick paper with sweet texture that we got from our excited mother! (we get it)
we love to wrap em up in this nice little wrapping from our grandmothers cellar, and seal it with our family tree! (true story)
we love to record a hitsong with our friends and make a video singing it (born for fun)
we love to put that shit on that dvd and sell it to someone who cares (you buying huh?)
we love people who cares and we care about people who loves (duh)

what we share with the people who dares is the feeling of being in love ( weird sentence but it sounds awesome to me)

we love how we try to be cute and then try to be hard at the same time so we seem balanced and trustworthy. (ok, here's a nervous dude)
we love that we try once again to explain the unexplainable (what else?)

we love that someone who reads this will feel a lot of things that is not love (moi)

we love that we know that someone loves this even more than we can

we love you

9 white
1 black

for further questions, please contact jj@sincerelyyours.
ceo needs a vacay

112 € - 1000 kr

it is quite expensive, we know, but it was very expensive to make. 
and all the money goes directly back to the the artists who made this happen.

only available with payment through paypal 



SY december 2011

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