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YOURS0241 Uncanny Valley 


album by Merely



..what happens if you get lost in this valley?

That's what happened to me.


Everything seems so fake. It's almost not noticeable at times, but deep down inside, it feels wrong. In the mirror a strange creature looks back at you. You should trust yourself, trust your instincts. Then everything will be fine because you are honest. But what if your instinct tells you everything is made up? Shouldn't you trust yourself then? Humans look like shadows, everything so empty. It feels off somehow, like in a nightmare when details of faces and environments look weird. Strange sounds leave my mouth. The more I think about it, the deeper the valley seems. How do I leave this place?

/01.Ice Cube /02. Yang (ft. JJ) /03. Backdraft /04. Silver Fox 

/05. Limestone Corridor /06. Vantablack /07. Paramount

/08. Leap Through Time (ft. Zhala) /09. Soft Balm

 /10. Libertine /11. Apocrypha (ft. Quiltland)



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SY june 2016

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