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YOURS0246 UV Gift Set

"You Should All Be Murdered" MP3  + full version UV + Limited UV artwork by Merely







Don't miss the opportunity to lay your hands on a limited copy of the full version "Uncanny Valley" artwork. A double sided, 15,5 x 60 cm full colour beauty with complete Uncanny Valley imagery + lyrics printed on the back.

The limited edition of 10 posters is accompanied with a MP3 of Merelys stunning cover of "You Should All Be Murdered" + a download link to Merelys full lenght album "Uncanny Valley". 



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SY december 2016

[Adama asks Sharon why the Cylons hate humanity so much] I don't know if hate is the right word... it's what you said at the ceremony before the attack... you gave a speech, it sounded like it wasn't the one you prepared. You said that humanity was a flawed creation, and that people still kill one another, for petty jealousy and greed, you said that humanity never asked itself why it deserved to survive. Maybe you don't.

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